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Computing/Networking Services

Desktop/Server Configuration

Have a specific computer in mind but you don't have the time or experience to build it yourself?

Unsure of what off-the-shelf parts work together? We have been building computers for over 

25 years. Let SpaceAge Consulting take the hassle and worry off your hands.

Network Design and Implementation

You want to upgrade your current Microsoft Windows domain or you want to build your Linux domain

from the ground up. Do you turn to a new company without 20 years of network implementation experience

or do you turn it over to SpaceAge Consulting and their partners with a proven track record of network deployment? 

Network Administration and Maintenance

Did we mention that over 20 years of experience? Working for companies such as IBM, Lucent, Global Networks and Avaya? As well as integrating systems for small two man shops? Don't risk the security

of your network to a company without experience dealing with viruses and malware or DOS attacks, 

trust SpaceAge Consulting.

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Our Clients Include:
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