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Have I told you about UnWired...

Have I told you about our podcast Unwired? It's a podcast for tech people about more than just tech things. We do reviews we talk about trends and we cover things that our audience would like us to cover.

When we (Victoria Mell and I) thought about doing a podcast we knew we want to cover the "World of Technology" but we also knew we wanted it to be more than that. We wanted to explore what it takes to do production, what it takes to market yourself and your company. Victoria is the producer and I am, mostly, the talking head. I think it is a fun way to share information and our thoughts in a easy to digest forum.

In episode we we get started and even come up with the name "UnWired". You can get the first episode (and all the others) right here.

So now we are up to our fourth episode of UnWired where we are starting a three part series on preparing for your next production and how checklists can help. I think it is going well but we also want to know what you think. Is there something you want us to cover, talk about or test out? Either email us through this website or contact us at And don't forget to subscribe! Looking forward to hearing from you.

BTW - If you would like a copy of our Episode 4 Production Equipment Checklist you can get it HERE.

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