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Aputure LED Light

I've been looking for affordable, portable LED lights for a while. I have a set of 500w Tungsten Studio lights that work real well but they are not that portable. Oh, you can break them down and take them from place to place but not easily and they add almost half an hour to my setup and tear down times. As I work on documentary and need to go into people's homes and get in and out quickly I needed another solution.

I had purchased a Generay 6200T that I really liked and was prepared to purchase another one when I happened to come across an *very* inexpensive set of LED lights lights from a company I had never come across before: Aputure

I was intrigued by the specs and because the price was affordable I jumped right in and bought two. As soon as they arrived I created a video to test them out. Take a look at the review HERE and let me know what you think. Is there another test I should have tried out or is there something I could have done differently?

Overall I like the lights and have added them to my arsenal. I can now fit my 3 led lights and the light stands in one bag so I have lightened my interview configuration by quite a few pounds. No longer should I be sweating just to get my equipment in the door and my setup time should improve as well.

Keep on the look out for more reviews.

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